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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Basketball training.!

Hey basketballers.! Sabrina's here to update,One of ur team members. Sorry for not posting this blog n leave it blank. Ok,,so now lets start posting. Haha.! Soo ya,soo far i find that the basketball training was kinda fun.! I always go there n have fun,focus on basketball,get soo high. haha.! Soo,,today we've play a game,which i have no idea what's the game name so its like got two groups challenge a basketball if one of them scores,their group will get a point,So thats about it. I play like seriously high until i laugh non-stop. Haha.! Soo guys,keep on going for basketball training k. Its gonna be fun. Haha.! I have nth else to say. Soo ya,I wanna check wif u guys if u guys wanna put song in this blog. Pls tell ur ans at the tagboard n tell me wad song u guys want. Thank you.! Love u guys lots.! ~ Toodles..